MATH/COMP 562: Theory of Machine Learning

Winter 2021, Adam Oberman


McGill has announced online teaching for this course, at least until January 24th. I hope we can return to in person teaching, which will be better for group work and presentations.


Prerequisites: MATH 462 or COMP 451 or (COMP 551, MATH 222, MATH 223 and MATH 324) or ECSE 551.

Teaching Assistants

Viet Nguyen: Gabriela Moisescu-Pareja:


Additional general references

ML Theory references


Update (Jan 21).

Changes due to COVID I reserve the right to make changes to the assignment structure/grading scheme in response to the COVID situation. However, significant changes will be presented to the class for feedback, and will go forward only if there is strong agreement by the class.

Key Times and Dates (TBD)

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